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Completely Transform Your Space with These 4 Things

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Today, we’re sharing four things that will instantly transform your space. Whether you just moved in and want to quickly make your space feel homey, or you want to add polish and style to the space you're already in, adding these four things will take the look, feel, and experience of your space to the next level!


There’s something about curtains that just makes a space feel finished - they’re like the frame to a photo, icing to a cake, the perfect lipstick color to a look - curtains are the touch that make a room feel complete. We recommend you hang your curtains high and wide to make your windows appear larger and to allow more light in.


Mirrors are great for so many reasons. Adding a mirror makes a room feel bigger, they reflect light making a space brighter, and they’re handy to have around to make sure you don't have anything stuck in your teeth - that’s embarrassing! They also make for the perfect Instagram selfie shot for you and your boo! You can never go wrong with a mirror.


A rug can really bring a room together - they add warmth, texture, coziness, and definition to any space! If you have a more colorful pallet, a rug can connect all the dots by bringing the colors together. If you have a more neutral pallet a rug can be the perfect pop of color and personality.

We love the look of layering rugs as well. To achieve this look, layer a more bold or colorful rug over a neutral rug that is one size larger.

Our favorite online site to get rugs is They have so many options, you can always find a discount code, they are reasonably priced, and the shipping is free and fast!


Lighting is a critical component of any space. Light can bring life, energy, ambience and functionality to your space. Lack of lighting or the wrong lighting can ruin a beautiful space. A dark room isn't inviting. It's hard to have a cozy ambiance in your living room or bedroom if all you have are bright ceiling fixtures. Think about the ways that you intend to use your space, and add lighting that supports your needs. Consider these three types of lighting when adding light to your space:

  • Task lighting (for a specific purpose like a reading lamp next to a cozy reading chair)

  • Accent lighting (highlight objects you'd like to accentuate)

  • Mood lighting (ambience and coziness - at Hey Nancy! we're all about the soft and warm mood lighting!)

Adding curtains, rugs, mirrors, and lighting, can completely transform your space. Used together with care to consider coordinating and contrasting colors and texture, these elements bring life, style, and polish to your space and lay the foundation for creating spaces that are cohesive, warm, inviting, and completely reflective of you.

If you need help selecting these items for your home, we would love to be part of your projects! Schedule your service by clicking on 'Work with Hey Nancy!' on the menu bar above. If you implement any of these suggestions, tag us on instagram and show us how you used these tips to transform your space! We would love to see and share the beautiful spaces you've created.

Happy home styling!

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