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Design Dilemma: Basement Lounge Room

The Dilemma

A friend sent in their basement lounge room dilemma - here's what we would do to solve it.

The Layout

Currently, the furniture arrangement is spread out throughout the room, awkwardly taking up the entire space.

To create a more cozy seating area and to maximize the use of the entire space, we recommend rearranging (see suggested floorplan below). If the sofas were switched so that the longer sofa was facing the tv, both sofas would be able to be scooted closer to the tv. Adding a rug here would define that area and add a fun pattern to the space.

Rearranging the sofas in this way will create more space in the room for a table and chairs for games and snacks, and possibly a console for storage and serving.

The Design

The reclining sofas are relatively new, and the couple wants to keep them in the space. They also like the mid century style, so we suggest bringing that to the space with a green & orange color scheme and pieces like the media console and plant stand with tapered legs.

A brick veneer for the upper portions of the wall with a green paint color for the bottom will create a cool, moody lounge vibe.

Lastly, finishing off the space with touches like throw pillows, plants, a blanket ladder and table lamp bring it all together. (Sources linked below!)

If you have a design dilemma that you want us to tackle, send a DM to us on Instagram with a few photos and a description, and we may feature yours!

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