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DIY "Dipped" Art

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

I’ve been seeing this dipped art trend on Pinterest and I love how it mixes classic with modern. It’s so fun! I also think this is a really fun way to incorporate your color scheme into your space.

Via oliver jeffers

Via Prince & Rebel

So cool, right!? I wanted to try it out for myself to bring some color into my kitchen. I used these frames that I already had from Scout & Nimble. They were originally a grayish color and at some point I painted them white. They have a lot of texture which I think lends well to the old look, especially once they’re painted.

You probably could also easily find old frames at your local thrift store for cheap.


Step 1: Make them look old

I started by painting the frames gold with craft paint. I wanted them to look authentically old - like they had legitimately been hanging in great aunt martha’s parlor for 40 years or something like that.

Step 2: Find the perfect artwork

For the artwork, I downloaded photos from unsplash. Unsplash is a website that has thousands of photos and art that you can download for free. You can search by color or subject or whatever it is that you’re looking for. For my project I searched words like “floral,” “still life,” “old fashioned,” and “painting” to get that vintage vibe. I found these floral paintings that I thought would be perfect! I had them printed in a matte finish so they look more like paintings than photos and then had them shipped to me from my local CVS.

Together with the gold painted frames, these prints perfectly achieve the vintage, old granny look!

Step 3: “Dip”

I taped off and covered the portions of the frames that I didn’t want painted to protect them from overspray, and painted them with two coats of spray paint.

I used a moss green color, navy blue and a light pink because those are the main accent colors I’m using in my kitchen, which is where I’ll hang these frames.

Removing the tape after the paint was dry was SO satisfying!

I love how they turned out


Stay tuned for the full kitchen reveal coming soon!


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