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Hey Nancy U: Mid Century Modern

This week we debuted a new Hey Nancy segment on Instagram: Hey Nancy U!

Hey U will be a regular segment @heynancyhome where we teach the HN community about design and style.

We strive to be encouragers of your unique home story and provide you with knowledge, inspiration, and encouragement to help you design and style your space with confidence.

Lesson #1: Mid Century Modern Design

A recap of what we learned, Mid Century Modern Design...

  • Refers to the time period between the 1930s and 1960s

  • Inspired by the Bauhaus - a German architecture and design school

  • After WWII there was a shortage of natural materials and therefore an increasing need for the use of nontraditional materials

  • Key features:

    • Sleek lines

    • Geometric shapes

    • Tapered legs

    • Use of nontraditional materials like plastic, metal, vinyl and plexiglass mixed with organic materials

  • Influential Mid Century Modern Designers

    • Charles & Yay Eames

    • Herman Miller

    • George nelson

Shop Mid Century Modern inspired pieces for you home below!

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