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Hey!U : Styling 101 with Books

Hey! Have you ever heard vague styling advice like "group items in odd numbers" or "play with scale" and were still left wondering - yeah..but like, how??

We get it, sometimes you just need some basic, clear and simple instructions - and we've got you covered!

You can make your shelves look so much more interesting and stylish just by changing up the way you arrange your books, and in this lesson of Hey!U we give you three very easy and practical ways to style with books.

Class is in session!

Formation #1: order books by size vertically

For Example:

Formation #2: order books by size, stacked

For Example:

Formation #3: order books by size, stacked & centered

For Example:

There you go - three easy peasy ways to style your books. We told you it would be simple, didn't we? Now go do your homework!

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