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Kitchen Update

Our dining chairs from Article just arrived in the mail, which were the last thing we were waiting on to complete our kitchen/dining room.

Eeeee! So exciting!

This is what the kitchen looked like before we moved in.

The kitchen was pretty much a blank slate. Its large, bright, and the fact that it's neutral in color makes it easy for us to customize it how we want to.

Up until our chairs arrived we had been using some mismatched furniture that we had around. We are so excited to have a matching set that fits better in the space

There is a lot of white in the kitchen, including our dining table, and we wanted to add more color to the space.

If you get stuck when decorating a room, its sometimes helpful to think of some words that you want to describe that space. And if you're still feeling stuck, you can always call Mary and I! 😜

Some words that came to mind for me when thinking about how I wanted to decorate our kitchen were 'fun,' 'bright,' 'colorful' and 'pretty.'

Our first purchase was the rug

This rug is from The Rug Collective and is spill resistant and machine washable. MACHINE WASHABLE. The heavens have opened, people! It's also really pretty and if that isn’t the greatest combination ever, I don’t know what is.

We chose these aloe green chairs from Article which bring out the subtle green from the rug.

The mood board:

Together, the colorful rug and the simple, pretty chairs are match made in heaven!

I love how it all looks together!

If you missed my blog post on how I created my 'dipped' art you can check it out here

Down The Road...

Someday if we decide to allocate more of our budget for this space I’d love to add a backsplash and maybe even change out the hardware.

This removable peel-and-stick backsplash would be a fun and relatively inexpensive way to bring more color into the space. As renters, this is a great option because it will peel right off without leaving sticky residue when we move out.

Adding new hardware is also a simple swap that can totally change the look of a space. I'd like to switch out our silver handles for brass.

For now, I'm loving the fun colors, and I mean, just the fact that we can all sit together at the table on chairs that match 😅


What words would you use to describe your home?

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