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My Laundry Nook Plans


Currently this little laundry nook is pretty plain (read: a blank slate!). It sits in the basement under the stairs and I have some big plans to transform it into the English country cottage vibes of my dreams.

I have so many ideas for this home that we moved into about 9 months ago and sometimes it feels just too overwhelming and I do nothing. I'm hoping that starting and finishing this one small project will give me the motivation and excitement to take on more. 🤞🏼


I love the combination of deep moody colors, feminine, vintage inspired prints and rustic wood grain.



I've already created a skirt around the laundry sink using the ticking stripe fabric. Next I'll need to take down the cabinets. A friend of ours built three floating shelves to replace those. After that, I'll paint the shelves, ceiling and the slanted wall, and install the wallpaper on the back and side wall. I really like these peel and stick floor tiles but I'm not sure yet if I'll use those. The current laminate floors are in good condition and pretty undistracting so I could just roll out a pretty runner and call it a day, tbd.

This is my first time EVER making a total transformation in my personal space. We rented all of our previous homes, so all of the home updates I made in the past were simply rearranging and styling, and so I am so so excited for this project! Seriously, to be able to take down dated cabinets, to paint and install wallpaper - a DREAM!


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