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The Girls' Room

Over the summer I hit up so many estate sales, thrift shops and garage sales! I think I'm going to call that a new favorite pastime of mine..

..not sure how my family will feel about that one...

Anyways, I even bought several furniture pieces off of Craigslist and picked up free stuff off the side of the road. I would take my newly acquired furniture back to my garage to fix it up and refinish or paint it, and then tuck it back in the corner to get ready for our big move.

When we finally moved this fall, it was so fun for me to set everything up in our new home, especially our kids' rooms. I loved making sweet, cozy spaces for them - spaces that were all their own.

I love the colorful whimsy of the girls' room and all the vintage touches, and my girls do too - that's really what I love best about it.

Shop The Look

Because almost everything here is second hand I don't have any exact sources to share, but I have put together a list of similar items for you to shop the look.

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