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Trend Alert: The Backsplash Ledge

Are you building a new home with your dream kitchen? Planning a kitchen renovation? Or maybe you're just dreaming of a place of your own someday - whatever the case, you'll definitely want to save this post for later!

Kitchen backsplash ledges are another trend that we're seeing all over our Instagram feed lately.

Many people are forgoing upper cabinets in their kitchens and instead, installing backsplash ledges.

A backsplash ledge is a great spot to store pretty cooking accessories.

Or it could just be a place to display your favorite artwork.

Backsplash ledges are often created using the same material as the countertop and backsplash. But you could also use another material such as the examples below.

So, what do you think - would you give up upper cabinetry for a backsplash ledge?

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