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Trend Alert: Wicker décor

DID YOU KNOW... that wicker is the oldest furniture making method known to history? No? Neither did we. We discovered that little fun fact while we were rounding up some wicker décor pieces for you.

You learn something new every day, as they say.

This is another trend that we've been seeing pop up on our timeline here and there. From baskets to lamp shades, wicker is such a pretty way to add texture and warmth to a space. Its also pretty noncommittal; you can try out a small tray here, or a decorative box there, and if you find you don't like it, its a small investment and you're none the worse for ware.

Want to try out the trend? Below you'll find the aforementioned round up!

Looking for a more budget friendly option? Considering how long this method of furniture & décor making has been used, your chances of finding a few wicker pieces from a thrift store or antique shop are strong, too!

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