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Your Design Dilemmas: Corner Fireplace Style Off

On Instagram, we asked you to send us your design dilemmas for us to style off on. For this week, we chose this corner fireplace. The sender said the slanted ceiling was throwing her off.

We have each styled this fireplace differently. Which look do you like best?

Look 1

I embraced the asymmetry of this space by layering art in such a way that it follows the line of the angled ceiling. I wanted to compliment the fireplace stone by using earthy colors and rough/natural materials. I added pillows and a sheepskin rug for warmth, and candles for coziness. The bead garland and pampas grass adds an element of glamour to this more rustic fireplace, as well as texture and visual interest. Who wouldn't want to cozy up here for some good quality family time?!

- M

Magnolia: City Sketch II

Crate and Barrel: Wood Bead Garland

Look 2

To balance the slanted ceiling, I styled the mantle with a tall branch arrangement on the shorter side to bring your eye up. On the side of the fireplace with the taller ceiling height, I styled it with smaller, shorter items. The draping plant and the basket on the floor help to bring your eye downward. Together, these items serve to balance out and disguise the ceiling slant.


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