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Your Design Dilemmas: Flex Room Style Off

For this week's Hey Nancy! Style Off, we've each designed Nicole's flex room.

This room is right off her entryway and is one of the first things seen by anyone who enters her home. It also doubles as her workspace and a reading room for her girls.

What do you think of the looks we came up with? Which one is your favorite?

Look #1

Layout suggestion

When Nicole reached out to us and asked for our help styling her flex room, I looked at her instagram and was inspired by the unicorn theme that they decorated their daughter's bedroom with. I found this cool abstract rug from west elm and thought it was the perfect grown up spin on the "unicorn" aesthetic.

I'm suggesting 'built in' bookshelves because storage is always a helpful thing to have in any space, especially when you share a space with your kids and don't want to see all their stuff. Now there's space for the girls to store all their toys and books and Mama can still focus and get work done without the distraction of clutter.


Look #2

When designing this room, I wanted it to be equally inspiring to both the hard working mama who needs a functional space to focus, and two growing girls who will use the space for reading. I'm obsessed with the loose dot wallpaper from West Elm and the floating gold shelves from Urban Outfitters (check out the link below, they're so much prettier than the image above shows) - they're both sophisticated and fun. I incorporated pinks and greens throughout the space to contrast the neutral wallpaper and desk. To keep this room functional for all using it, and presentable (it's right off the entry way so one of the first things you see when you enter the house), storage will be key! I chose a bench with storage and added a few baskets so the girls have a place for their books, toys, and blankets... they'll be there for them when they need them but can be easily and quickly put away when not using. As a final touch, I added a chandelier. I don't think anyone works or learns at their best under harsh overhead lighting!


Urban Outfitters: Mila Faux Fur Throw Pillow

Pottery Barn: Kinetic Chandelier

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