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Kim & Mary: Text

It all started with “Hey Nancy!”

A “Hey Nancy!” from one sister to the other was an invitation to enter another world. A “Hey Nancy” response from the other instantly transported these two sisters to their favorite faraway place where they were both named Nancy, and together with their dolls in their playhouse, they would have tea parties, royal court, dances, and adventures ruing their kingdom. Kim & Mary both chose the name ‘Nancy’ after the namesake of the sewing show their mom watched regularly, Sewing with Nancy.

Hey Nancy! is an ode to Mary & Kim's sisterhood, their creativity, and their mutual love of all things home that began way back then, rearranging their bedrooms and decorating their playhouse.

Kim & Mary: Text
Kim & Mary: Image


Chief Design Officer

Kim would describe herself as ordinary - and she loves it that way! Wifey to her bestie and mama to two sweet babes, she spends her days doing laundry, changing diapers and trying to decipher toddler babble. She's thrilled with the mundane ins and outs of everyday because of the exceptional people she belongs to.

As a thrifty homebody, she's a pro at creating beautiful and functional spaces on a tiny budget (even out of tiny, ugly apartments). 

Kim is a happy-go-lucky hopeless romantic, a mediocre cook, an aspiring minimalist, a dog person and a book worm (who LOVES gummy worms).



Chief Operating Officer

An HR professional by day, and designer by night, Mary loves creating space for people to flourish. She is passionate about travel and new experiences, finds inspiration everywhere, and sees the world through the lens of possibility.

Kim & Mary: Team Members


At Hey Nancy! we think your home should serve you. We love creating home, and helping our clients do the same... spaces that welcome ourselves and others to be seen, known, and filled up. Rooms that tell stories. Moments that nurture rest, play, and creativity.

We’re passionate about cozy spaces, inordinate amounts of throw pillows, and beautifully styled shelves. We believe that form is just as important as function. We’re equally fond of bold colors and neutrals, and we never pass up the opportunity to refresh a space.  

We don’t think you have to have a huge budget or the perfect house to create a home you love, and that thoughtfulness and creativity can go a long way!

When we work together, we’ll help you create beautiful design that reflects who you are, creates space for your story to unfold, and where you’ll feel comfortable and inspired. We cannot wait to work with you!

Kim & Mary: About
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